Official Bloggers

To help celebrate L’accessoires’ 2nd Anniversary event, La Metallique Fair, we are excited to bring you an eclectic group of first rate, first class bloggers who will be featuring the amazing designs created just for you!

Be inspired, be dazzling, be ignited and show us how you shine! Do be sure to stop by each of the their blogs for just a glimpse into what’s in store for you, only at La Metallique Fair!


L’accessoires Bloggers:

Asia Romano ~ Brb-Gone Shopping!

Mokatana Boa ~ Moka’s Way

Caoihme Lionheart ~ An Chailin Alainn

Twerk Caboodle

Hikaru Enimo

Carley Benazzi

Linnda Scofield

Draakje Dailey ~ Dailey’s Doodles

Xantheanne ~ Xantheanne’s Life 

Jill Narstrom

Miaa Rebane 


Event Bloggers:

Petra Messioptra ~ Vitabela 

Amity Sorbet 

Sungyoung (Jangsungyoung)

Lyrical Ember 

Cindy Gedenspire

Dearra Silbersztein ~ Little Virtual Keyhole

Asthenia Pinazzo

Xari Xofan ~ All That SL 

Nadja Baxter~ German Style

Vixsilver Yoshikaw~ Just Vixy

Shocking Wonder

Vixen Darkrose ~ Bionic Bunny

Lotus Mastroianni ~ SL It Girls

Nana Minuet~ Where is Nana?

Kynne Llewellyn 

Nannybunny Gossipgirl ~ Top Fashionista 

Volupturaptor Perl~ I Got Dressed

Lili (monoton)

Erkut Ruby ~ Define Hipster

Anna Ivanovna ~ Crazy Shopoholic



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