La Metallique Fair opens August 15th @ Midnight SLT~

metallique pic 72 dpi

Photographer ~ Isa Messioptra

We’re fast approaching the opening of our 2nd Anniversary event, La Metallique Fair!

There are over 40 brands and designs represented for this special L’accessoires cycle,  including exclusive items, and yes even a few precious gacha machines!

Click here to see what’s in store for you~  You can also visit our Flickr pool for more sneak peeks from our awesome team of bloggers. 

Would you like to be added to our update group? Click here.

No room for anymore groups you say? We’ve got you covered with our in-world Subscriber here. Click on join and you’ll be notified about upcoming L’accessoires cycles, as well as other Groupe Le PonPon events.

Dazzle up your look with something flashy, something brilliant! Radiate your inner fashion star and show us how you shine~

Your Limo Awaits!



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